Modern Marketing Avenues


For one to generate more sales, they need to ensure that they market their goods and services adequately. Nowadays, marketing has gone beyond printing leaflets and brochures and giving them out to people in the streets. People have gone digital and so have the marketing techniques. This article will highlight the modern marketing avenues.

Modern marketing platforms

Social media marketing


The social media is the most common avenue for marketing that allows people to reach so many people at a very low cost. It is an effective way of getting new customers while also retaining the old ones. Social media marketing has broken all the geographical barriers and helped companies reach their global clients at ease. However, for this to be a success one should ensure that they pick the appropriate platforms that will be used for marketing their organization. There are a variety of the social media platforms to choose from. This includes snap chat, Facebook, Pinterest and even twitter. The above are suitable for business to consumer models. Conservative mediums such as LinkedIn are best suited for business to business marketing models.

Email marketing

Emails are also one of the fastest ways of sending messages around. This has been made possible by the fact that people can access and read their emails from their phones hence eliminating the need for using the computer for that purpose. Email marketing is best suited for customer retention. One can get the emails of their customers from their database where customers fill in their details during purchase. An organization should be careful not to send unsolicited emails. Instead, they can send out a newsletter and can do a discreet follow up on the customer.

Affiliate marketing

This type of avenue involves sending product links to friends and relatives for them to shop and buy. However, most people think that this is not the best option. However, marketing has to be done irrespective of the circumstances. An organization can introduce an affiliate program in which webmasters advertise the product or service then they get a certain percentage of the sale they made through their webpage. Its success is determined by the percentage paid out by the organization to motivate the webmasters to advertise for you.

Internet ads

This involves some payment before one can be allowed to market their products or services. There are numerous platforms which will run the adverts or display them for your company. The most common ones are the Google ads and facebook. They will display one’s adverts to their target customers. This avenue can allow one to measure the extent of the sales generated from the use of this platform

Product placement

ksnavlkndskvkasldvlkansdlvnlskndvlksandvnklsdvasdvaThis is a new method. It involves paying for your products to be placed in the work of the content creator. Very many channels allow this practice. Some notable examples include YouTube which will insert a product advert on its content for some payment. This will also be determined by the audience being targeted so that one will know which music or video YouTube will place your advert.