Role of SEO agencies in online marketing

Besides having some basic knowledge on matters SEO, you still require the services of an SEO agency. Mastering the ins and outs of SEO is not always possible for most online merchants. Thus, as much as you might be doing your best to get the best rankings, you might still fail to get the much-deserved rankings. Your website needs to be optimized in all aspects, and this should not be a onetime thing but an ongoing process. This is what an SEO company does when it comes to implementing any online marketing campaign.

Site evaluation

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Any SEO professional understands the importance of site evaluation. A good SEO company should be in a position of performing  an extensive analysis of your site in terms of its design and rankings in SEO. Ideally, they should help you troubleshoot all aspects surrounding the performance, design, and content quality of your site. This serves to inform their next course of action to ensure you get the best possible rankings for your site.

Keyword finding

Keyword research is an important element in SEO campaign. The essence of conducting an extensive analysis is to analyze the competition available for these keywords. There are special tools that can help you find the right keywords to optimize your content around. As a tip, it pays off looking at the methodology used by the SEO agency for keyword research. Any established SEO company should not basic keyword find tools like keyword planners.


Backlinks are essential in SEO just like online optimization methods. Working with a reputable SEO company in Edinburgh assures you of having high-quality backlinks from legitimate sites. Backlinks can either make or break your online marketing campaign. Any experienced SEO expert understands the value of ensuring these links are of high quality. If possible, make an effort of looking at the methods used to find backlinks.

Social media marketing

SEO 32Besides SEO, social media marketing plays a pivotal role in any SEO campaign. Instead of hiring someone to run your social media campaigns, most SEO agencies offer both SEO and social media campaign together. However, this is often applicable depending on the package you choose.

Meeting timelines

Most SEO agencies work with timelines. However, in SEO, it is not possible to work with strict deadlines. This implies that sites that promise a page one ranking in a few months are also not the best. As such, reputable agencies do not give false promises. They should guarantee high rankings, at a reasonable timeframe bearing in mind that SEO is a continuing process.